The Best for the Best For over 30 years the Ray Rose Company has been committed to creating beautiful dance shoes finished to the best possible standards. The shoes in our collection always look great and the action on the foot is exactly what you´d expect from a high-performance dance shoe. Our collection is in constant redevelopment, refinement and improvement. This includes seeking advice and opinions from dancers themselves. Their input allows us to create the finest dance shoes available.
"The biggest bonus for us, through working with the Ray Rose team, was that their dance shoes were already the best shoes available. Our shoes benefit from two years development with an internationally respected physiotherapist. They feature a revolutionary ´2-point´ arch support; also the heels are aligned perfectly, for optimum balance."

Bryan Watson
Bryan Watson "The toe shape allows for even distribution of your weight across the foot. For me the balance of the shoe is in exactly the right place and once I am wearing the shoes, I cannot feel them. They are not too light and not too heavy. For me it is a perfect shoe."