Dance Naturals Ballroom Dance Shoes

  • Background

    Dance Naturals Art 883 VenereDANCE NATURALS was founded in 1995 by pure chance.
    The sole owners and founders of DANCE NATURALS are TINO MICHIELOTTO, from Italy and CAROLYN SMITH, from Scotland, but has resided in Italy for over 20 years. Both have been connected to the dance world for more than 35 years, having started at a very young age, working through the ranks up until today, accumulating valuable experience as competitors at world level, as Internatiomal coaches and as adjudicators, having produced world and european champions within their school.

    Before getting into the new field of "International shoe makers", they had prepared a show which had much success in Italy, Japan and America, and for this unique occasion had some special dance shoes made by a friend. CAROLYN SMITH personally designed them, wanting to have a high fashion look with the same function as a normal latin shoe.

    The two protagonists had a big success with the show but an even bigger success with the shoes, attracting much attention of many dancers: because of the unusual style all asked where they could be bought.

    Dance naturals dance boots Art 007With the business spirit and dynamic character of these two people, they decided to open DANCE NATURALS in 1995, producing and commercialising dance shoes with the maximum quality and attention on minimum particualrs. Each shoe is checked and under control from the leather, to the making and finish of the shoe, all done by expert shoe makers. Over and above the unconfounable quality, it is important to underline the functionality: many small details having been registered by DANCE NATURALS give a guarantee of the maximum stability; exclusive natural materials of the highest quality allow the correct transpiration of the foot, with constant studies to better the quality.

    Putting all this together puts DANCE NATURALS at the top of the market.

    DANCE NATURALS is continuing expanding and is present all over the world. You will find your nearest retailer on our web site or you can contanct us personally for further information.

    The principal aim of DANCE NATURALS is to continually innovate. For many years top brand names had not changed over the past 30 years. Dance fashion has changed, accessories have followed the fashion to enhance the dresses. The shoes?Do not worry, DANCE NATURALS will think of that for you.

  • Made in Italy

    Dance naturals dance shoes are made exclusively in ITALY. Our expert techinicians pays maximum attention to the minimum detail. The quality of our dance shoes are top in the world. Everything that goes into our shoes ranging from materials, technology, skill of our craftsmen, attention for the details, care of design and the elegance give to the Dance Naturals shoes the unique ITALIAN CHARACTER recognizable everywhere in world. Dance naturals can exceed expectation in everyway.

The Shoe Creation
  • Design

    All Dance Naturals products are made by creative imagination and deep experience of 40 years of agonistic activity on highest level by CAROLYN SMITH, company owner with her husband TINO MICHIELOTTO, responsible of the production´s organization and of the sales department.

  • Develop

    After the first shoe draft, specialized designers defined the picture and take care of development of models, of socket punches (a knife pre-cut to the shape of the pattern), of the heel mould, of the heel layers and all necessary for the first realization stage of production.

  • Sampling

    For each article is made a first prototype, in this stage are made the necessary modifications about aesthetic and technical details and the "master" is optimized. For a more accurate check, some tens of pairs are made for strict "resistance" test in laboratory and tried at the feet of some among the top dancers in the world.

  • Lab Test

    Our shoes are sent to a engineering laboratory (usually of Padua´s University) for a further and more careful verification, in addition to the "effort trial", duration and wear and tear. Through mechanic and eccentric press, the heel balance is verified, weight is distributed correctly, between the front and the posterior part. Only at the end of these strict tests the responsible engineer certify the reliability.

  • Practical Test

    Practical test is conducted on the dancers feet in about 60 days. Our sample are so much tested from some of top dancers in the world, our testimonials since beginning.

Technical Information
  • Soles

    Soles of Dance Naturals shoes are made of buffalo leather, with the third leather´s layer, usually called "Crosta"; differently from other companies, buffalo used by DN is submitted to a particular tanning (leather working) through a particular processing called "vegetal tanning", that´s without chemical additives. This processing absolutely doesn´t harm the dancer´s skin and allow the highest tenderness and flexibility, essential features for foot sensitivity with the floor.

  • Insole Linings

    Insole linings are used in all DN soles, studied on the minimum particulars like: anatomic inclination on the back part for the perfect balance of the heel; strong plantar arch for the maximum support of the body´s weight and for the correct body position; reinforcing bar of steel inside; compressed red fibre in the back part of the shoe; traces carved for the connection with the heel; perfect hollows for heel and upper; latex anti-shock in the front.

  • Insole

    The DN insoles are absolutely the same colour of the shoe and are mdae by first quality suede leather, worked with vegetal substances and consequently not harmful for the skin (only all black woman shoes, in order to avoid the loss of colour, are made with an insole of alcantara, allowing, however, a correct foot´s transpiration).

  • Lining

    As the insole, all linings are made of suede leather (only the black woman shoes are made of alcantara).

  • Heel

    Every model has a different heel, cared on the minimum particular in terms of innovative design and position of ankle´s straps. All ensure the highest stability and reliability; some articles have double straps only for an aesthetic reason, that, according the needs of customer, can be cut off by a simple scissor, making them singles.

  • Counter

    (inner reinforcement for heel) : DN use only counters made of "sarpa" (a natural material), specifically prepared and "arched under hot temperature" and so perfectly adapted to the heel.

  • Reinforcements

    In every juncture of the shoe (in a pair are 14 very important) there are special reinforcing with triple seam and internal string of hemp.

  • Heel

    Heels are completely personalized and made with our moulds, injected from first quality ABS, endowed of a filled pin knurled of reinforced steel, perfectly balanced in all sizes, from 33 to 41, included half size. They are fixed to the inner sole by a special glue for the anchorage and balancing, by a 18 mm screws for the pre-fixing, and at the end, by 5 18 mm long rivets for the blocking.

  • Replacement Heel

    Replacements heel are made with DN moulds, personalized with logo; made by a bi-component: screw has a plastic fusion around and this has a rubber fusion around, in order to avoid any contact of metal parts with the floor, for that reason DN doesn´t need heel tips. All replacement heels are interchangeable and for this reason it´s suggested to change them few time before the total tear.

  • Upper

    Upper of all models are carefully studied in every minimum details to guarantee the best functionality, comfort and reliability. For the cut and inclination it´s considered the anatomic form of forefoot. The match between lining and upper allow a dilatation of 12 tenths after only 13 minutes of use in normal conditions on parquet dance floor .

  • Straps

    All straps (mignon) are folded in three part, reinforced by natural material and covered, on the inner side, by first quality suede leather; that allow that the dancer´s skin touch only leather treated with vegetal substances, not harmful for the health.

  • Buckles

    DN buckles are completely made of brass and strass Swarovski. It´s handicraft production, studied and cared in every detail.

  • Antishock

    In every DN shoes there are three latex antishock: the first one is on the insole lining; the second one is bigger and it is on the plantar arch; the third one is for the protection of whole foot plant. Each one have a different form and function and are put in the different working stage to act in independent way, respecting the own functions and guaranteeing the maximum comfort.

  • Brand

    Majority parts of DN shoes are signed from DN brand of golden metal, usually placed on the heel. Many companies have already copied all our models and try (luckly without luck) to sell them like original DN shoes. The identification is very easy. The original model is on the top of quality, but copies are ugly, are made by low quality material, containing chemical additives, very harmful for the health, and, at the end, copies break down very soon.